•  High mast poles for highways

    Valmont India high-mast lighting poles are often installed where today’s most busy expressways merge or intersect. Valmont’s technical design expertise enhances safety and security along busy highways.  Learn more.

  •  Light poles - standard and custom designs

    Valmont crafts an amazing array of outdoor light poles. Standard, decorative and custom designs are available for street, highway, and area lighting applications.  Learn more.      

  •  High mast poles for area lighting

    Valmont India steel high-mast poles are ideal for large area lighting applications, such as shipping terminal facilities, airports, car parks, and heavy-industry zones. Learn more.

  •  Stadium and sports lighting poles

    From outdoor recreation facilities to the largest stadiums, Valmont India can design, manufacture and deliver the sports lighting poles needed. Learn more.

  •  Traction poles for transit applications

    Urban population growth is spurring transportation management professionals to seek innovative and reliable traction pole infrastructure from Valmont India. Learn more.

  •  Power transmission & distribution poles

    With global resources and local expertise, Valmont India offers steel structures specially designed for power transmission and distribution requirements.  Learn more.

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