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The Valmont quality and production systems cover Quality Management System, steel as per ASTM, IS and BS specifications along with well-defined traceability, shop-drawing practices, production-process control, operator and welders’ qualification and inspection.

We operate under an ISO 9001 quality system. Welders and inspectors are certified periodically. There are established tolerance standards with an intensive inspection practice.

Our welding norms:

  • All welding conforms to AWS D1.1 structural steel welding code
  • Base plate weld with full penetration
  • Shaft longitudinal seam weld – 60% to 80% penetration
  • Upper section seam weld at slip joint overlap – full penetration

Our weld-inspection practices:

  • Ultrasonic test – full penetration welds
  • Magnetic particle test – specified partial penetration and fillet welds
  • Visual inspection and DPT
  • All the welds are tested and qualified as per
    AWS D 1.1 acceptance criteria

Hot dip galvanizing standard:

  • Conforms to ASTM A123/A153, IS 2629 &
    IS 4759