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C Ch W-Beam 5

Guardrail barriers provide semi-rigid protection to shield motorists from hazards located close to the edge of the travelled way.

The most common guardrail system consists of a steel W-Beam rail on steel posts with end treatments and transitions of various designs using similar materials. The W-Beam type safety barrier shall consist of a steel post and a 3mm thick ‘W’ Beam rail element.

The steel post and the blocking out spacer shall both be channel section of 75mm x 150mm size and 5mm thick. The rail shall be 70 cm above the ground level and posts shall be spaced 2m center-to-center. A double ‘W’ Beam barrier shall be as indicated in IRC:5-1998.

Valmont’s guardrails are manufactured using the Cold Roll Forming Technology with multiple roll forming stations ensuring greater strength due to grain reorientation as compared to the normal press-formed sections. These sections are of ‘W’ and Thrie-Beam shapes with a thickness of 3mm.

Following are some of the applications of these safety barrier systems:

  • Highways, Flyovers & Bridges
  • Median Barriers as Road Separators
  • Protection from Trees, Rocky Areas etc.
  • Hilly Terrain, High Embankments etc.
  • Test Tracks in Automobile Industry
  • Mass Housing Complexes/Townships.
  • Airports, Railway Stations and Parking Lots

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