Manufacturing - modern, high-quality production facility

Manufacturing Capabilities

Valmont’s strong commitment to India is borne out by the investment made into establishing a world-class ​production facility ​constructed to the same high-quality standards of other Valmont ​facilities around the world.

With global resources and local expertise, Valmont businesses operate seven factories across Asia, including the Valmont India manufacturing facility at Indapur.

Valmont India has sufficient resources and capacity to cater to the diverse needs of the Indian market, as well as the needs of many neighboring countries.

The Supply Chain

Materials are the foundation of the product you buy. We ensure that only first-rate certified materials are used in our manufacturing process. The steel we use is supplied by modern steel mills such as JSW and ESSAR. Steel procured generally conforms to ASTM A572 Gr65 material with high-yield strength of 450 Mpa (65ksi) for shaft and ASTM A572 Gr50/BSEN 10025 S335 material for base-plates.

The Process

The Valmont India production facility features modern equipment and advanced technologies, resulting in high quality finished goods.


Valmont India Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Maximum Monopole Height: 259 ft
  • Maximum Pole Section Length: 56 ft
  • Largest Diameter: 98 in
  • Maximum Shaft Thickness: 1 in
  • Maximum Base Plate Thickness: 5.1 in
  • Highest Voltage Monopole: 500kV
  • Connection Types: Slip joint and flange
  • Shaft Material: ASTM A572 Gr65 / BSEN 10025 S335
  • Base Plate Material: ASTM A572 Gr65 / BSEN 10025 S335

Technical Services/Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Valmont India offers hot-dip galvanizing services which prolong the lifetime service of steel poles, monopoles and related steel structures. The lead-free bath size is 16.3 M long x 2.5 M wide x 3.3 M deep. Learn more.